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NYX 13 Minutes of Horror on SHUDDER

August 13 - November 1, 2022


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"The film itself runs a scant minute and sixteen seconds, but let me tell ya, every sinister second is dripping with atmosphere! The lab set looks fantastic, and is filled with all manner of gizmos and doo-dads that look era accurate

to my admittedly untrained putrid peepers.

Duffy (who has been in loads o’ stuff, but were going to go with the 2012 remake of Bill Lustig’s Maniac here) is solid

as the lead and her plight is conveyed with conviction, and Lee herself makes a cameo as well, but again my lips are sealed there, boils n’ ghouls.” DanXIII,


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Synopsis: In 1983, a scientist in isolation resurrects a dead colleague.



Written, Produced & Directed by Izzy Lee

Co-Written, Puppeteered & Produced by: S

Starring: Megan Duffy, Izzy Lee

Cinematography & Poster Art: Sophia Cacciola


Editor, Sound Design & VFX : Michael J. Epstein

Assistant Camera: Tyler Sage

Executive Producers: Paul Furio, Jon Schnitzer, Tom Deady, Daniel Tucker, Patrick Rahall, Carter Johnson


Thank you: Steve Johanson, David Lawson, Jr.

World Premiere

Portland Horror Film Festival

Portland, OR

6/29 - 7/2/22, virtual

In person, Hollywood Theatre TBA



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