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Director/Writer/Producer Izzy Lee

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Photo by Allan Amato.

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Named as one of A.V. Club's 10 female filmmakers to hire, Izzy Lee is a director on the rise. Her award-winning tales have screened at major international genre festivals such as Fantasia, Overlook, Morbido, FrightFest, Fantaspoa, Brooklyn Horror, Boston Sci-Fi, Boston Underground, Chattanooga, and more.


In 2022, Lee earned Certificates of Completion from Sundance Collab’s Directing Television, Directing Actors, and Visual Storytelling courses, under Dan Attias, Tessa Blake, and Peter Markham. Additionally, Lee has directed nearly two dozen shorts and shadowed director Adam Egypt Mortimer on the SpectreVision feature Archenemy. She’s currently developing a long-awaited feature.

"...Izzy Lee... is going to be massive once she gets the break that she deserves." — Alexandra Heller-Nicholas,

"Izzy Lee is among the hardest working short film directors in the genre." —  Fangoria


"Izzy Lee is a filmmaker to keep an eye on. Time and time again, the upcoming director blows us away with her short films..." —  Dread Central

"The A.V. Club named Izzy Lee one of the film makers Blumhouse should hire and I couldn’t agree more. These two newest shorts making the festival circuit show a filmmaker who’s ready to push past the boundaries of short films, a medium she’s spent years exploring and perfecting.” — Pennie Sublime, CineDump

"Clearly, director Izzy Lee's life-long obsession with horror has paid off. With only two shorts under her belt, she has quickly established herself as a smart and ferocious new voice in independent horror."  

Matt Garrett, director, Morris CountyBeating Hearts


"Lee's films feel like modern Tales for the Crypt stories where unlikeable people get what's coming to them." — Patrick Dolan, Rue Morgue

"If Hollywood hasn’t taken notice of this virtual diamond-in-the-rough, they need to unfuck that soon and give her a shot at a feature-length production. She’s got vision, talent, and imagination and I’ve come to expect the unexpected from her, a promise she delivers on every single time. If you get a chance to view this utterly hilarious, horrifying, and unforgettable film from the mind of an up and coming superstar you should jump on it immediately." — Shane Keene, Ink Heist

“Izzy Lee continues to shine as one of the most talented, hardworking female genre filmmakers out there. Keep your eye on her!” — Michelle Swope, Dread Central

“Filled with great paradigm shifting story elements, a cool, practically realized monster, a strong cast, and an unexpected sense of fun; My Monster is a rock solid horror comedy short with neat sci-fi overtones, that also has a little message hiding in there too (as is traditional in Lee’s work).” 

Dan Wilder Horror Fuel

“I don’t know how much more proof Hollywood needs to green light her on a feature. A musical perhaps? I think a perfect fit for her would to be a part of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot. Wherever she goes next, one thing is for sure, Izzy is amassing a unique body of work that zigs when you expect it to zag. After her last film, Rites of Vengeance, a film like My Monster is the last thing I expected and I love that.” — Tim Murr Biff Bam Pop

"Izzy Lee is part of a new breed of horror directors (who, I’ve no doubt, could also turn their hands to other genres too) coming up at the moment. What’s brilliant, and purely co-incidental, is this young blood are mainly female. Alongside now-established talent such as the Soska Sisters, we have directors such as Izzy, Maude Michaud (Dys-), Jill Sixx Gevargizian (Call Girl), Jennifer Kent (The Babadook), among many others who form this new breed of director who are making this genre exciting again. Gender is irrelevant, as it should be, and these filmmakers are pulling no punches with what they are depicting on screen.


It's amazing that there are so many talented people coming up with some fantastic short horror films lately. If even only half of these manage to catch a big break, the future of the genre will be in safe hands. I suspect Izzy Lee may well be one of those. " — Martin Unsworth, The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth





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Writer/Producer Steve Johanson

From EP to PA, Steve Johanson has worn a variety of crew hats on several award-winning shorts, almost exclusively with Izzy Lee’s Nihil Noctem Films. He’s also appeared in front of the camera, with his biggest role as the titular antagonist in Lee’s acclaimed My Monster. After executive producing her poignant political thriller Re-Home, Johanson produced Lee’s triumphantly morbid Disco Graveyard before co-writing, co-producing, and puppeteering her cult/sci-fi film Meat Friend. Between film productions, he’s a copywriter and voiceover artist.



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