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Now on Short Ends via Project Alpha/Nerdist

"Seriously creepy and disturbing."
- Joe R. Lansdale

"Loved everything about it."
- Christopher Golden
"Postpartum (directed by Izzy Lee and written by Christopher Hallock and Izzy Lee) is a brilliant short about the horrors (literally) of being a new mom. Deliciously creepy and with great performances from Kasey Lansdale and Diana Porter." – Barbie Wilde, Author, Actress & Female Cenobite 

"Disturbing and nightmarish; there's a great atmosphere of filth and madness about it that reminds me a bit of Friedkin's Bug."
- Axelle Carolyn
"Postpartum ramps up quickly, from ominous to outright foreboding, before hitting its stride
with a bona fide 1) What-the-fuck?!?! 2) Oh shit!!! 3) Oh hell nooo! trifecta of successive moments that rather stunningly set up and wrap up our excruciating, inevitable fate."
- ScreenAnarchy (formally TwitchFilm)

Good intentions lead to diastrous results when a woman visits a new mom.


Starring: Kasey Lansdale, Diana Porter


Shot, Cut & Mixed by Bryan McKay


Original Score Shayne Gryn


FX, Sound Design & Gaffing: Izzy Lee


Sound Mix & Boom: Michael J. Epstein


Production Assistant : Catilin McHugh


Production Manager: J. Zocalo


Additional PhotographyAndrea Mark Wolanin & Bryan McKay


Written by Izzy Lee & Chris Hallock


Produced by Izzy Lee


Directed and co-produced by Izzy Lee


Thank you: Sophia Cacciola, Stee McMorris, Kristy McGarr, Warren Lynch, Caitlyn McHugh, John Adams, Pietro Cadoni, Andrea Mark Wolanin, Danny Ronin, Christopher Golden, Travis Stevens, Heather Buckley & J. Zocalo.






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