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A group of vigilante women take revenge on a shady politican

with gruesome results.



Starring: Michael Thurber,

UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb,

Katrina Galore, and Izzy Lee


Shot & edited by Bryan McKay


Original score by Shayne Gryn


Original music by Give Zombies the Vote


FX by Izzy Lee


FX Consultant: Sébastien Montpetit


Written, directed, and produced by Izzy Lee

“Legitimate seems like a deleted scene from a particularly dark episode of Twin Peaks with its dream-like atmosphere and surreal quality. It is poignant and horrific… aggressive and passive, and chillingly banal… ” 

— ­­Alexandra West, Scare Tactic (also of Rue Morgue Magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland)


“We’re in an offshoot of Cronenberg country here, with just the right blend of E.C. Comics-style irony to bring it all together in one dark, macabrely hilarious masterstroke. Legitimate is a film for our time, and Izzy Lee and crew have not so much taken a shot at their conservative targets but full-on kicked them in the crotch right where their philosophy seems callous and inconsiderate.”  — Jeremy Webster, FanboyNation  (also of Nightmare Revue, F5, Fangoria


"It’s a brash, bold statement by a filmmaker with something to say, and Lee handles the transition from the bleak, erotically-charged dance sequence to the horror movie nightmare that follows with surprising confidence for a comparatively inexperienced director. An extremely worthwhile project, and one I wish Todd Akin was strapped down — CLOCKWORK ORANGE style — and forced to watch on repeat." — Doug "Sweetback" Tilley


"Equal parts sleazy and shocking, Legitimate is an impressive first film from Lee, providing a two-finger message to a certain mindset while not being preachy and too ambiguous. Izzy Lee, who along with McKay, who does virtually everything on the film, is certainly a force to watch out for. Someone with a kind of passion to confront stupidity who, one hopes, would not be restrained or diluted if handed a bigger budget for future ventures. ”  — Martin Unsworth, The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth 


"A short that has the most impact on me than the vast majority of feature lengths. What horror can be when done right." — Skip Shea, filmmaker, Diabolique


 “… no amount of wanting to spontaneously stifle the horror that follows will put to rest what nature has in mind. Legitimate or not, the deed will run its course. [9/10]” — ­Chris Conduit, The Conduit Speaks


“Legitimate is brief, intense and metaphorically brilliant. It is not for everyone, but if anyone can get a message of compassion for rape victims through the thick, sexist, misogynistic skulls of the current GOP it might be Izzy Lee and it might be with this film.”   — ­Leah Locke, The Theologian


“Legitimate doesn’t feel like the freshman effort from a filmmaker… From a color palette that would give Argento pause, to a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it perfect way the light gleams off a scalpel, there’s a lot to love…”

Mike Snoonian, All Things Horror Online


"I have been fortunate enough to review a number of great films of late from some very talented female directors. Izzy Lee is one such talent…”
Pete "Scratchy" Ellott, Beneath the Underground


"Wow. What a messed up short. I loved it... Legitimate is incredibly dream-like, but is a serious commentary, and is so much more than a horror short. “ — ­Dani Carnage, Doctor Carnage's World of Horror


“… Lee creates an atmosphere that leaves the audience drooling and wanting more… It is unique, well written, and well directed/casted. It does not follow the clichés of horror films… “ — ­Cole Long, Film Junkie


“Wow. Here is an unbelievable, well-shot, well-acted, crazy-ass storyline. You know, I’ve seen a lot of short films… This short film, is weird, brilliant, awesome, crazy, and deranged… well-written. What a surprise. I give this film an 8.5 out of 10.”

Gruesome Hertzogg, Gruesome Hertzogg Radio


“This film carries a big stick at getting its point across that we should think about what we say and do in regard to sympathizing with the situations of others that we can’t possibly understand.” — Kevin, Super Duper Shock Cinema


“It’s quite simply provocative with a bloody twist.” — Mad Mike, Maven’s Movie Vault of Horror


“… the film doesn't work merely as a political statement but more so even as a piece of horror cinema…”

Mike Haberfelner, (re)Search my Trash


“I am thoroughly impressed with this short. It felt intelligent without being pretentious… I look forward to what

Izzy Lee gives us next!” — Leanne Fanson, Ultraviolence: World of Horror


“… intelligent and shocking… It would be interesting to see this idea expanded to feature length.”

— Christopher Lozier, The Examiner


“… packs a punch… powerful despite its brevity… I look forward to seeing more from this writer/director.”

John Gilling, Cinema Online


"LEGITIMATE is a heroin-paced, short little piece of hell ... a brilliant piece of cinema ...” — ­­Necro SteinTexas Terror Entertainment



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