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WON: Best Short, Mad Monster Party, SC, 2017

WON: Best Short, GenreBlast 2016

WON: Best Short, Scares That Care 2016

WON: Izzy Lee & Francesco Massaccesi — Best Short Film Screenplay — Monster Fest 2015

WON: Tristan Risk — Best Supporting Actress — Vancouver Badass Short FF 2016


Nominated: Best International Short Film — Vancouver Badass Short FF 2016

Nominated: Best Director — Vancouver Badass Short FF 2016

Nominated: Diana Porter — Best Actress — Vancouver Badass Short FF 2016

Nominated: Best Short Film, BloodGuts UK Horror Awards 2016

"She awaits."


Starring: Tristan Risk, Diana Porter


Additional cast: Sophia Cacciola, Izzy Lee, J. Zocalo, Phil Healy, Porcelain Dalya, Vera Schränkung


Cinematography & color correction: Bryan McKay


Cut & Mixed by Corey Norman


Original Score Timoty Fife


VFX: Bryan McKay


FX: Vera Schränkung


Sound Design: Izzy Lee


Sound Mix & Boom: Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola


Production Assistant : Phil Healy


Assistant Director: J. Zocalo


Additional PhotographyNicole McControversy


Written by Izzy Lee & Francesco Massaccesi


Produced by Izzy Lee & Francesco Massaccesi


Directed by Izzy Lee


Thank you: Shayne, Pamela, Vera, Paul, Jillian.




“Lee’s horror is filtered through a definitive (and unabashedly so) feminist perspective, something that makes INNSMOUTH’s take on Lovecraft’s mythos that much more subversive.” — Ron McKenzie, Rue Morgue


“I really loved Innsmouth. And that ending... Wow! I didn’t see that coming. I also thought it was so cool for the story to start out as a police procedural and ended up in Lovecraft-land.” — Barbie Wilde, Author, Actress & Female Cenobite 


“I really enjoyed Innsmouth, particularly the use of the soundscape to create tension. A darkly sexy short, with a bewitching performance by Tristan Risk.” — Nicholas Burman-Vince, Actor, Author, Producer, Chatterer Cenobite, and Kinski (Nightbreed)


“Inspired by the H. P. Lovecraft story The Shadow over Innsmouth, Ms Lee’s short manages to capture the atmosphere of the horror master’s prose perfectly. After the comedic A Favor, Izzy has delivered a full-blooded horror, arguably her most gruesome and certainly the most explicit of her work so far.” — Martin Unsworth, Starburst Magazine


“Director Izzy Lee (who co-wrote and co-produced with Francesco Massaccesi) has created a slick Lovecraftian-flavored short that has some cool special effects and a fantastic, mysterious character in Risk’s Alice Marsh…” — Scott Hallam, Dread Central


“… a truly jaw-dropping final scene that will stay with you long after the credits roll, and … a jarring, gut punch of an experience.” — Tom Gleba, Horror Hound Magazine


“Like a good fair-ground attraction, Innsmouth is short yet manages to bring the thrills. Fans of Lovecraft, and especially fans of cinematic interpretations of his work, should definitely be interested in this short.” — Ard Vijn, TwitchFilm 


“INNSMOUTH is exactly what short films should be: a glimpse of the talent behind the filmmaker and their stars, a story that leaves you wanting more, in the best of ways. After the film was over, I found myself wanting to experience more of the mythos behind the updated Innsmouth and the residents that inhabit it. With such a strong short film proving that she can tell a solid as hell mystery, I’d die to see a feature of this Lovecraftian gem.” — Jerry Smith, Icons of Fright

“Izzy Lee is among the hardest working short film directors in the genre.” — Ken Hanley, Fangoria


“Izzy Lee has really created somethin’ magical here... She twists Lovecraft’s conventions on their head right from the get go (all of the main characters are female, unlike in Lovecraft’s male-centric work), and the layers she adds regarding the stranger’s alien-ness being attributed to not only her monstrous secret, but tied directly to the aforementioned sex itself; right down to her homosexual inclinations that place her completely outside of the realm of men—heady stuff for a lil’ horror short, my creeps.” — Daniel XIII, Famous Monsters of Filmland



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