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WON:  Best Short Film; Mad Monster Party 2018

WON:  Best Horror Short Film; GenreBlast 2017

Nominated:  Le Femmes De Genre Award; GenreBlast 2017

Nominated:  Special FX Award; GenreBlast 2017

WON:  Best Director —  Izzy Lee  — Scares That Care 2017

WON:  Best Short — Scares That Care 2017

WON:  Best Cinematography — Scares That Care 2017

WON:  Best Actress — Diana Porter, Scares That Care 2017

Revenge is only the beginning.

 A man who uploads a homemade sex video taken in secret gets a surprise at a pit stop. 


Starring: Sean Carmichael, Tristan Risk, Diana Porter


Additional cast: Christian Masters, Mike Snoonian, J. Zocalo


Cinematography & color correction: Bryan McKay


Cut & Mixed by Bryan McKay


Original Score: Timothy Fife

Original Score: "Black Hole" by Give Zombies The Vote

VFX: Paul Hough


FX & Sound Design: Izzy Lee

Facial Prosthetics: Julie LeShane


Sound Mix & Boom: Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola


Production Assistants: Phil Healy, Mike Snoonian, Sophia Cacciola


Assistant Director: J. Zocalo


Additional PhotographyJess Barnthouse & Sophia Cacciola

Poster Art: Erik Wilson


Written by: Christopher Hallock


Produced by Izzy Lee & Severin Films


Directed by Izzy Lee


Thank you: Shaun Callaghan, Ian Judge, David Gregory, Heather Buckley, Tony DeMauro, Christian Masters, Wicked Bird Media




"… calls to mind one of the morality stories from TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. I love it. Any and all accolades Lee receives are earned and deserved. She absolutely kicks ass as a director and writer."  

Tim Murr  Popshifter


"… a hell of a unique ending."  

Shannon McGrew  Nightmarish Conurings




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