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A FAVOR is hilarious black comedy. POSTPARTUM is psychological horror. Innsmouth is sexy subversion and very NSFWBUY HERE >>
Featuring the likeness of Tristan Risk's seductive and nefarious Alice Marsh, this 11x17 poster is vibrantly colored. Izzy will sign it for you upon request.
$5, plus $6 shipping/handling in the US. In another country? Email and we'll help calculate shipping. Kickass art by Brett Weldele                                   
Izzy Lee's first published work of fiction, "Tilberian Holiday," is out now in "Wicked Witches." It's a brand-new, spooky anthology (on witches, of course) from the New England Horror Writers.
Enter these pages, wander the hard roads of Colonial America or modern corporate boardrooms, to face the Witch. 

This macabre 1.25" black and white enamel pin features the Nihil Noctem Films logo, designed by legendary illustrator Graham Humphreys. 

                                   BUY NOW >>
This is a soft, black unisex t-shirt from Next Level Apparel. The kickass Nihil Noctem Films skull logo designed by the legendary Graham Humphreys is silkscreened on in white.
                               BUY NOW >>
This handmade chapbook features the brutal short story "Heavy Metal" by Izzy Lee. Signed, numbered, and limited to 50 copies.                                    BUY NOW >>
Made by Izzy, these skull bracelets are created from hand-carved, burnished yak bone.   BUY NOW >>



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